The Neighborhood

Why 5 Points?

Our name is a nod to our love of Ward 5, the many neighborhoods we border, and our commitment to creating a place to bring people together.

Why here?

DC’s rush of urban reinvestment is unprecedented. Every neighborhood feels the impact of new investment and rapidly changing landscapes. Many long-time residents are looking for space to live, work, and breathe a little.

Welcome to Woodridge: slightly off the beaten path, while still accessible. A rich history of neighborhood dedication. The heart of Ward 5, along with nearby Eckington, Edgewood, Brookland, and Langdon. DC’s hub of light manufacturing. It’s the perfect place for 5 Points vision to take root.

We’ve been working in these neighborhoods for years. Socially-conscious local businesses thrive here, with a slightly counter-culture vibe and bias toward diversity and inclusiveness. It’s the part of town where you can come to work hard for the long haul, whatever your dream looks like.